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Council Approves Three New Red Light Cameras in Halton



Council Approves Three New Red Light Cameras in Halton

In an effort to curb the number of collisions happening at certain intersections, Halton regional council has recently approved the installation of three new red light cameras.

According to a council meeting report from Wednesday, March 27, the following three locations have been approved for a red light camera:

  • Ford Drive (Regional Road 13) at Royal Windsor Drive, Oakville
  • Upper Middle Road (Regional Road 38) at Third Line, Oakville
  • Steeles Avenue (Regional Road 8) at Ninth Line North, Halton Hills

These locations were chosen as the top three candidates in Halton Region based on ongoing analysis of which intersections deal with more collisions than expected.

“An evaluation is undertaken at all signalized intersections based on a comparison of actual collisions versus expected number of collisions, and also taking into consideration symptomatic increases in rear end collisions,” the report says.

“Intersections exhibiting a high number of angle type collisions and exceeding the expected frequency are considered candidate sites.”

Halton currently operates 17 red light camera sites throughout the region, which would be brought up to 20 with these three new cameras.

The report adds that there has recently been an overall increase in red light infractions, mainly due to an increase in traffic on regional roads as well as the replacement of old cameras with high-resolution cameras in early 2017.

Financially, the three new lights will be accommodated by the 2019 Transportation Operating Budget.

The budget “includes $769,580 for the Red Light Camera Program to operate and maintain 20 red light cameras,” according to the report.

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