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Could Another All-Way Stop be Coming to Milton?



Could Another All-Way Stop be Coming to Milton?

It hasn’t been long since the town of Milton announced that a new all-way stop was installed at the intersection of Sauve Street and Menefy Place in Ward 3. Now, according to a report that will go to council on July 22, 2019, another new all-way stop could be installed.

Over the past few years, according to the report, Milton’s Engineering Services department has received requests to install an all-way stop at the intersection of Santa Maria Boulevard and McLaughlin Avenue.

The intersection, according to the report, has been monitored over the past three years. In addition, the collision history was also reviewed and it was discovered that there have been two reportable collisions at the intersection over the past three years.

“Of these two collisions, one was a right-angle collision and one was a turning movement collision,” reads the report. “Right angle collisions are susceptible to correction by the installation of an all-way stop.”

As a result, it is being recommended that a by-law amendment be made in order to implement an all-way stop at the intersection.

According to the report, it will cost approximately $800.00 in order to install the signage and pavement markings needed for this all-way stop.

All-way stops, according to the town’s website, have one main purpose – to control vehicle right-of-way at an intersection.

“They are not, as some might think, speed control devices,” reads the town’s website. “In fact, studies have shown that the installation of unwarranted all-way stops can lead to poor driver compliance, as drivers become accustomed to not meeting opposing traffic at these locations.”

For more information, including information about how all-way stops are approved and installed in Milton, click here.

Do you think an all-way stop should be installed at this intersection?

Graphic is courtesy of the town of Milton.

Cover photo is courtesy of the town of Milton’s Facebook page.

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