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Check if Your Street Has Been Snow Plowed in Burlington



Check if Your Street Has Been Snow Plowed in Burlington

Burlington is prepped and ready for winter and whatever it brings to its 1,900 lane kms of roads and 850 kms of sidewalks.

Even though we don’t get much white stuff – in comparison to nearby cities – Burlington’s snow clearing crews are ready for Old Man Winter.
“This year, we will be starting the snow plowing earlier during a snow fall event,” said the city’s manager of road operations Mark Adam.

“As usual, primary roads like Appleby Line, Upper Middle Rd., Guelph Line, Brant St. and others are done first. When those are complete, we will move onto secondary roads and then residential streets.”

And as much as we love our sports, it’s “really important for people to keep their cars, hockey nets and basketball nets off the street so our plows can safely and efficiently navigate the roads,” Adam said.

During the winter season, residents can use the What’s Been Plowed feature to see which streets have been plowed when it snows.

Yes, you read that right—there is a snow plow tracker you can follow online.

As for how snow clearing works, the city says that primary and secondary roads are plowed if snowfall is more than 5 cms.

Residential roads are plowed when there’s 7.5 cms of snow.

Naturally, major roads are cleared first.

Once priority roads are dealt with, secondary roads and residential streets are handled.

Snow removal updates are provided by the city at 9 a.m., 4 p.m., and 11 p.m. during major storms.
We’ve got more tips from the city … stay safe and enjoy the winter weather, everyone!

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