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Charity Money Stolen From Burlington Gymnastics Club



Charity Money Stolen From Burlington Gymnastics Club

The Burlington Gymnastics Club (BGC) says $2,666 in donations was stolen from their head office at 710 Maple Ave in Burlington on Wed, Sept 25.

A notice posted on the BGC website reads:

On Monday, Burlington Mayor, Marianne Meed-Ward, announced this week as the Gift of Giving Back Week in Burlington. BGC athletes were out last weekend tirelessly tagging various locations across Burlington and Waterdown. They raised a total of $2666 that was to be donated this week. Unfortunately, during the early hours of Wednesday morning there was a break-in at the Maple facility and all of the money that was to be donated was stolen. Please help the BGC as they strive to raise money to replace that which was stolen!

The efforts by BGC are part of The Gift of Giving Back initiative. Founded in 2005, the initiative is held throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area as an opportunity for local minor athletics associations to raise money and give back to their respective communities.

Susan White, Executive Director of the Burlington Gymnastics Club told in an email that “the police were contacted immediately”.

We were not allowed inside until they did a walk-through. They then asked me to come in and report what was missing. The only thing missing was the safe – they took the entire thing – they must’ve brought a dolly with them to move it.. Another officer arrived and dusted for fingerprints. We had several parents and coaches come forward reporting on people that were seen near the gym that were not recognized as parents of our athletes. The police have been in touch with them to ask questions.

UPDATE: The Burlington Gymnastics Club say they have surpassed the value of the allegedly stolen funds through further donations.

“The generosity of our Burlington community is overwhelming. We really struggled with how to explain the break-in and theft of the money raised for the Gift of Giving Back to our athletes,” said Susan White, Executive Director of the Burlington Gymnastics Club. “Then, in just three days, we received more donations for the Gift than was collected in the first place.  What a great life lesson for our athletes to learn the true meaning of ‘community’.  They deserve this heartwarming and happy ending.

Thank you, Burlington!”

Donations to any of the associations involved in The Gift of Giving Back can be made here.

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