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Changes are Coming to Burlington’s Tyandaga Golf Course


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Changes are Coming to Burlington’s Tyandaga Golf Course

The City of Burlington’s Tyandaga Golf Course officially opened for the 2019 golf season on April 12. However, many changes are underway to make the course more enjoyable for visitors.

The municipal-run golf course is an 18-hole course with 4,852 metres of scenic terrain characterized by its natural waterways and broadleaf woods.

City city says the team is working to complete improvements on the cart-path and area between holes 16 and 17. According to Rob Axiak, the manager of Recreation Services, the grade of the hill and cart path between holes 16 and 17 are being improved.

He says, “the path of this hill surface is being redone which needs replacing, and a general clean up of the overall area as it has become overgrown.”

Though the work will not impact the game, golfers are asked to excuse the mess. The asphalt will be done at a later date and the construction is expected to be done by the end of May.

“If the weather doesn’t cooperate this week, resulting in a delay with the construction, we will notify all players that for a short period of time we may be readjusting which holes get played allowing players to still get a full 18 in,” says Axiak.

Tyandaga is also introducing student memberships that range from $199.99 to $499.99.

The Director of Parks and Recreation, Chris Glenn, says, “the course is in good shape and as the weather warms up, it will only get better. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get outside to play and socialize with your friends and family.”

The golf course is now offering a spring special on green fees. It is now only $45 for golfers riding in golf carts and $30 for golfers that are walking.

Tyandaga Golf Course offers memberships, tournaments, clinics, private lessons, men’s and women’s league play, in-season and off-season rentals, and dining. The golf course combines urban convenience with rural beauty, natural waterways, contours and mature trees.

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