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Canadian Border Services Hiring Stunt Actors to Get Beat Up



Canadian Border Services Hiring Stunt Actors to Get Beat Up

If you think you heard every crazy job there is, you might want to add this to your list!

The Canada Border Services Agency is currently looking for professional stunt-actors to play the role of subjects in a CBSA training facility in Rigaud, Quebec.

These stunt-actors will be part of force scenarios involving Border Services Officers and recruits. Requirements of the job may include being held down using pain compliance techniques and help trainees practice use-of-force maneuvers.

The stunt actors may help to stage up to 15 simulations per day, including smuggling drugs across the border.

In the past, trained instructors served as stunt actors in these training scenarios. As of May, the CBSA now employs trained stunt actors as one of the efforts to increase training capacity.

The CBSA says that stunt actors in this training environment should be aware of the risk of being inadvertently hit by trainees or training tools in the course of practicing defensive tactics maneuvers.

The actors are required to demonstrate various behaviours and trainees are to apply the established Incident Management Intervention Model to resolve and deescalate a situation. 

With the introduction of stunt actors, CBSA trainers can better simulate scenarios and deliver training to its officers that reflect, as closely as possible, real-life operational situations.

What do you think of this crazy job?

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