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Big Changes are Coming to the Milton Mall



Big Changes are Coming to the Milton Mall

Milton residents may be excited to learn that some pretty big changes are coming to the Milton Mall.

Recently, the Town of Milton took to their LinkedIn page to announce that Paradise Commercial has acquired the Milton Mall.

As the post notes, the Milton Mall is currently a 300,000 sq. ft. underutilized property in the centre of the community. 

This is something that Paradise Commercial plans to change.

“We are excited to announce the acquisition of Milton Mall, as well as our new partnership with Cushman Wakefield who will manage the operations and leasing,” Tara Gollish, Senior Manager at Commercial Properties, said in the post. “We look forward to enhancing Milton Mall, bringing in uses that will cater to Milton’s young, vibrant and growing community.” 

There are a slew of planned enhancements including more family-friendly uses such as daycare and kids play spaces, medical clinics, in addition to much needed office space and co-working facilities. 

These enhancements are expected to result in great community benefits in addition to revitalizing the current Milton Mall property as welcoming place for people to enjoy. 

“I am excited to see a plan to enhance the use of Milton Mall,” Mayor Gord Krantz, said in the post. “I would like to welcome Paradise Commercial to Milton, and look forward to seeing them become an important part of our growing community.”

We will provide updates on these enhancements as they become available.

Photo is courtesy of the Town of Milton’s Twitter page.

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