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Big Changes Announced for Cyclers in Halton



Big Changes Announced for Cyclers in Halton

Cycling is a great way to stay active, and the Halton Region offers some incredible on and off-road cycling options for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities.

And recently, the region announced some pretty big news for cyclists.

The region recently released a new cycling map for residents and visitors.

“The 2019 map now features Ontario By Bike destinations that cater to the specific needs of cyclists, and has all the information you need to help you plan your next ride in Halton,” reads the Halton Region website.

Through the map, residents and visitors can explore the following, according to the Halton Region website.

  • Eight cycling routes ranging from 36 to 100 km in length and a variety of intensity levels.
  • Bike-friendly services and so cyclists can plan stops at bike shops, washrooms, restaurants, and overnight accommodations.
  • Challenging and adventurous mountain biking trails at Conservation Halton parks that are fun for all ages and skills.

For more information, click here

Are you planning on doing some cycling in Halton this spring or during the summer?

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