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Best Fries Battle: Oakville vs. Mississauga



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Best Fries Battle: Oakville vs. Mississauga

There is no battle more serious and important than the battle between a city and a town vying to be recognized as the best place to go for exceptional fries.

We at and have searched far and wide for the best fries in Oakville and Mississauga and our Top 5 picks are about to battle it out—and you can vote on your favourite in the poll below.

When it comes to great fries, everything is important. Are the fries perfectly fried or baked? Is each slice of heavenly potato the ideal size and shape? Are there any additional seasonings on the fries? Do they melt in your mouth?

Both Oakville and Mississauga are known for their respective food scenes and both offer a ton of commendable options for fries—but only one place can have the absolute best hotspots.

So, here’s a look at Oakville and Mississauga’s best spots on our signature Top 5 lists on and

What resto will you be visiting this weekend?


Top 5 Fries in Oakville

Oakville, a small but sophisticated town with an enviable food scene, offers a ton of options when it comes to fries. Some hot spots to check out? The cute family-run Tartan Fish & Chips, the reliably delicious Gingerman Social Eatery, the classic and relaxed Firehall, the casual yet always on point Just Braise, and the super popular local Palermo Pub. You can’t really go wrong with any of these joints when you want to snack on some epic fries.


Top 5 Fries in Mississauga

When you’re looking for something that’s affordable, delicious, and addictive to munch on, fries are at the top of the list! Mississauga has some epic hotspots to kick your fries craving, including the small but mighty Fire Pit, one of the best casual spots in Mississauga Union Social Eatery, the always epic Holy Smokez, the longstanding Mississauga Marketplace, and the fresh to-go spot Queen’s Fish & Chips. While Queen’s Fish & Chips is our proud number one pick, all of the places will leave you more than satisfied when you’re in the mood for a truly tasty serving of fries.

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