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Are buildings too tall? Burlington launches ‘Wind and Shadow Study’



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Are buildings too tall? Burlington launches ‘Wind and Shadow Study’

The City of Burlington’s urban and developmental planning teams are looking for public input as the debate over building development height rages on.

“Sunshine and wind are two important factors that influence our level of comfort and well-being when we’re outdoors”, according to city staff. “As cities grow and new buildings are built, the size, shape, and articulation of these new buildings influence the amount of sunshine available at different times of the day, and change the patterns and speeds of air flow through the urban environment.”

The city’s Wind and Shadow Study will help the city assess the expected impact of new buildings and developments.

“We will rely on the local experience and expertise of people living, working, and playing in Burlington in helping to craft the outcomes of this study.”

Residents can use the interactive map and provide feedback based on your location.

The City of Burlington has struggled at times to find new ways to grow as it simply runs out of space. Instead of growing out, Burlington City Council made the decision to grow up and intensify in key urban areas. 

The 2016 Census data shows Burlington grew by 7,535 people between 2011 and 2016–a 4.3% overall growth rate.

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