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Top 5 Cheap Pizza in Burlington



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Top 5 Cheap Pizza in Burlington

Like all pizza, cheap pizza is hot and gooey, but it’s easy on your wallet — while we’ve got no shortage of fabulous dining options in Burlington, sometimes less is more when it comes to a cheese and tomato craving … even if you’re ballin’. Scratch that — especially if you’re ballin’. We know Burlington has gotten national attention on TV (You’ve Gotta Eat Here featured both Son of a Peach and NaRoma) for its amazing pizza — we’re paying homage to an often-neglected sub-category. Here are our top 5 cheap pizza places in Burlington.

5. Burlington Pizza Company

This Fairview St. and Appleby Line joint is in a rather popular plaza, with Bahn Thai, Farmer Jacks, QB Sports, and more. The folks at Burlington Pizza work late and that’s the best time to order a cheesy, meat-topped bread circle. Locals keep the place going, and this is the spot if you’re in need of a quick dinner on your way home.

Price for a large pepperoni (pick-up): $9.99

4. Mama Rosie’s Pizza

Something about the pizza here makes it taste more expensive than it is.… something about this pizza makes me want to go back and get another one. The pepperoni is kind of crispy and the cheese is nice and gooey. Overall, it’s flavourful and a tad sweet and makes me think I got away with paying far less than I should’ve … kinda like the woman making a dash for it in that Ikea commercial.

Price for a large pepperoni (pick-up): $8.99

3. Mount Royal Pizza

Tasty pepperoni and cheese top the dough at this Mount Forest Dr. shop, where crust and sauce are made daily in-store. It’s clearly a neighbourhood hangout, complete with an arcade game and names carved into the furniture. Their pepperoni pizza is delicious. Feeling adventurous? They’ve got a variety of pies, such as the arugula barberry pizza, featuring creamy garlic, ricotta cheese, pomegranate balsamic reduction, parmigiana cheese, and the namesake tangy-sweet lemony berry, also known as berberis. Too much like a salad? Check out the potato pizza with goat cheese, baked potatoes and a blend of Monterey Jack and cheddar, crispy bacon, and fried onions. Bottom line: Just check it out.

Price for a large pepperoni (pick-up): $12

2. Napoli Pizza

There’s something about the sweet sauce … this tiny pizza place keeps on pleasing. It’s cheap, it’s hot, and you don’t have to drive in circles to find parking. And as soon as you bite into that crust, you’ll know why it’s consistently ranked as one of the best in Burlington. ‘Nuff said.

Price for a large pepperoni (pick-up): $8.99

1. Lugano 2 For 1 Pizza

This popular downtown spot comes out on top for cheap pies. Their sauce alone is worth the parking hassle. It’s simply savoury … and that cheese …. yum. The place is tiny and their crust folds easily. I once had a roommate who folded her pizza … I should phone her. Anyway, the pizza at Lugano is definitely worth checking out. Try not to eat the whole pizza in one sitting!

Price for a large pepperoni (pick-up): $12.99

What’s your favourite cheap pizza in Burlington?


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