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The Weather Network Reveals Canada’s 2018 Fall Forecast



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The Weather Network Reveals Canada’s 2018 Fall Forecast

Tis the season for all things fall, from pumpkin spice, to oversized sweaters and blanket scarves, to stunning fall foliage and a chill in the air.

Whether or not you’re a fall person, fall is creeping up quickly. The first day of fall is September 22 this year, and The Weather Network has released its official forecast in wake of the season.

While 2017 saw a milder than normal fall, and 2016 brought some chilly temperatures, fall can be unique each year.

So, what’s the weather going to be like this fall?

According to The Weather Network, the majority of Canada can expect “a mild fall with near normal or above normal temperatures.”

That is, except for parts of Nunavut, northern Quebec, and Labrador.

Here in southern Ontario, we can expect the warmest weather. That warm weather will stretch from the Maritimes, to our region, and across the B.C., parts of Alberta, and the Yukon.

“Autumn is a tumultuous season, famous for wild temperature swings and powerful fall storms,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network, in a recent statement.

“Of course, this fall will include both, but overall we expect a less active and less tumultuous pattern than normal. This means we’ll experience a more gentle slide rather than a freefall, as we make the inevitable transition from summer to winter.”

Image courtesy of The Weather Network

The weather giant has predicted fewer than normal rainy days this fall, but those storms that do occur could bring “generous” precipitation.

You might be wondering when you might expect to see from fall colours.

“Peak fall colours will be later than normal this year, but the fall foliage should be much more colourful than last year, except for in areas that were highly impacted by mid-summer drought conditions this year,” reads a recent statement from The Weather Network.

Over all, while September has been summer-like thus far, we’re expected to see more typical fall weather in late September and nto October.

But the weather will remain quite mild into November.

The Weather Network has also predicted that we’ll have a pretty traditional Canadian winter.

“Across this region, we expect the upcoming winter to bear some resemblance to last winter with periods of harsh winter weather that should be offset at times by significant periods of milder weather,” reads the statement.

Enjoy the heat while it lasts!

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