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Propane shortage predicted due to cancellation of CN services



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Propane shortage predicted due to cancellation of CN services

Due to the recent decision by Canadian National Railway to halt all certain services, Canadians can expect to experience propane shortages.

Superior Propane is predicting a critical supply shortage of propane for Central and Eastern Canada, which will affect both customers and the entirety of the industry.

“Due to the current inability to move railcars of propane to supply our branches in Central and Eastern Canada, we predict that in the coming days we will begin to experience supply shortages to many areas of the country that rely on propane to heat and power their homes and businesses, including many essential services such as hospitals and retirement homes,” Greg McCamus, president of Superior Propane, said in a news release.

The shortages will result in a major disruption of propane supply to many consumers and businesses including homes, hospitals, businesses, schools, farms, and emergency vehicle fleets.

Superior is currently working to prioritize essential service and consumer needs and will have no choice but to begin to curtail deliveries if the current situation is not alleviated quickly.

“Superior is working day-and-night to increase propane transportation by road in order to continue meeting the needs of our customers. With the suspension of all rail service east of Toronto, we will soon not be able to keep up with capacity,” McCamus said.

“There are simply not enough propane hauling vehicles or loading and supply points to compensate for the loss of rail capacity at this time of year. Similar to the recent CN Rail labour dispute, the lack of rail capacity will also put extreme pressure on supply points in all of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada due to congestion of available transportation,” he added.

Cover photo courtesy of Superior Propane’s Twitter

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