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Here’s What Burlington is Doing to Help its Businesses



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Here’s What Burlington is Doing to Help its Businesses

If you’ve ever opened a business in Burlington or tried to, or known someone who has, then you may be aware that the process can sometimes be slow.

A lot goes on behind the scenes before that glamorous open sign can be turned on.

Burlington Mayor, Marianne Meed Ward, recently announced that there are plans tackle barriers that businesses have faced.

According to a recent press release, these plans include launching a Red Tape Red Carpet task force in the city in order to help budding businesses.

The goal of the task force is to help eliminate the red tape and bureaucratic delays that Burlington businesses have faced.

The task force will start with a meeting, which will be open to the public, in order to raise issues and concerns on topics regarding permits, approvals, and other obstacles. 

According to the release, a smaller task force of stakeholders will then be identified to come up with actionable recommendations.

These recommendations will be brought to council and shared with the province by summer. 

Dates and details have not been announced yet. 

Anyone who is interested in participating at the task force can email Meed Ward at [email protected]

Co-chairing the task force with Mayor Meed Ward will be Kelvin Galbraith, a Ward 1 councillor.

“This task force is a great step towards addressing the obstacles business owners see when they look to expand or start a new business here in Burlington,” Galbraithsaid in the release.

“We have the space, infrastructure, and talented work force to support them, we just need to fast-track the approvals and processes that limit and frustrate them. We want to let business owners know that Burlington is open for business!”

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