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Burlington Redditor learns snowstorm parking bylaw the hard way



Burlington Redditor learns snowstorm parking bylaw the hard way

Were you aware that on-street parking in Burlington is suspended during snowstorms until the roads are cleared?

Reddit user “My_Public_Profile” was surprised to find a parking ticket under his wiper this week after being accused of that very infraction.

“SO got one of these tickets,” the user posted Tuesday morning. “Thinking about fighting this, just seems rather ambiguous…”

“Park during snow storm or before snow removal operation is completed” from r/BurlingtonON

The Redditor likely wasn’t alone in being tagged during the most recent snowstorm.

The City of Burlington website interprets the bylaw as follows:

“To assist with snow clearing, please move vehicles from the road during or after snowfalls and winter storms to help clear the way for city snowplows and sanders. After a snowfall, overnight parking in municipal parking lots between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. is not in effect.

Vehicles parked on city streets during or after a snowfall or before snow removal is complete, can be subject to enforcement.”

Other municipalities simply ban all on-street overnight parking during the winter months, as pointed out by a responding Reddit user, which conveniently uses “Zamboni_Driver” as their handle.

“Interesting that they do it that way in Burlington. In Guelph we just have a straight ban on parking 2am-6am on all streets from Dec-March. On one hand its nice because you can park on the street on clear days, but it seems like it would be hard to keep track of when you need to move.”

Do you prefer a blanketed bylaw? Or do you like Burlington’s approach?

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