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Burlington moves toward permanent pop-up patio program



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Burlington moves toward permanent pop-up patio program

After a five year trial, the City of Burlington appears headed towards making pop-up patios a permanent fixture in the city.

Staff from the city’s Community Planning Department submitted the recommendation to committee before the proposal goes to council on March 30.

“Pop-up patios are growing in popularity, generate visual interest and contribute to the vibrancy of the downtown,” said Jenna Puletto, Special Business Area Coordinator, in the staff proposal.

Three Brant St. establishments have taken advantage of the pop-up patio program since its inception in 2015 (Coop, Pump, and Wendel Clark’s) but staff believes that number could increase simply by making the program permanent. 

In addition to the permanency of the program, the Community Planning Department is recommending that staff explore a cheaper and time-limited “moveable” pop-up patio option which they believe would entice financially hesitant businesses to participate.

The current program, which runs from mid-May to mid-September, can cost businesses between $1,890 and $7,560 per year depending on the number of street parking spots being occupied. Establishments are also obligated to pay a deposit in the event there is damage to city property. Those costs don’t include patio construction and maintenance.

“Year over year, the costs are reduced as patios are re-used and reconstructed and the fees become reduced to only those for an engineer’s certification on the installation and the parking fees,” added Jenna Puletto in the report.

The City of Burlington has set a maximum of 10 pop-up patios per season.

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(Cover photo credit: Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill & Bar – Burlington Facebook page)

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