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Burlington mayor issues statement after concerns raised around Millcroft Golf Course


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Burlington mayor issues statement after concerns raised around Millcroft Golf Course

Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward issued a statement after concerns were raised by residents around Millcroft Golf Club.

Property owners, Millcroft Greens Corporation, handed notices out to neighbouring residences outlining their intent to redesign parts of the northern Burlington golf course and develop small parcels of land for residential uses.

“The property owner has noted for reasons related to safety and the length of the course, it would like to reduce the size of the playing area,” said Meed Ward.

“It is our understanding that Millcroft Greens met with selected residents earlier this week and that this meeting was an introductory conversation about their preliminary plans with the community. This was an invite-only meeting that I and Ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna did not attend.”

Millcroft Greens is a joint partnership between the Millcroft Golf Club and Argo Development Corporation. The partnership was created with a mandate to continue to operate an 18-hole golf course while introducing select parcels of land for new development.

“Separately, Millcroft Greens met with me and Councillor Bentivegna, along with city staff, to provide an overview of its preliminary concept,” added Meed Ward.

“The City of Burlington has not received a development application from Millcroft Greens for this property and has not even held a pre-consultation meeting to discuss a proposal.”

According to city bylaw, a second neighbourhood meeting with the community is be required by the City of Burlington before any applications are submitted.

“Staff would then be able to provide details about application requirements and conditions, and Millcroft Greens will collect feedback that can be used to inform any future development applications,” continued Meed Ward. “This meeting will be taking place on Monday, March 23.”

Once a development application is submitted to the city, it will trigger a formal process that includes additional public engagement prior to any Council decision.

Any property owner has the legal right to submit an application and the city has a legal obligation to process any applications submitted. 

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