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Another cannabis retail store proposed in Burlington



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Another cannabis retail store proposed in Burlington

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has received an application for a 19th cannabis retail store in Burlington called Pleasantrees.

The proposed location at 372 Brant Street, which is now up for public comment.

According to the AGCO, this application does not meet the City of Burlington Council approved guidelines due to being located within 500 m of another cannabis retail store.

From now until Friday, Jan. 1, 2021, written comments about the proposed location will be received by the AGCO.

Comments may be submitted online, and submissions will be accepted by residents of the municipality in which the proposed store is located as well as the municipality representing the area in which the proposed store is located or its upper-tier municipality.

Comments submitted to the AGCO should relate to the protection of public health and safety and restricting youth access to cannabis and illicit activities in relation to cannabis.

Following Jan. 1, the AGCO will consider all written comments and decide whether the application for the proposed store location will be approved.

There are currently ten licensed cannabis retail stores in Burlington since the ACGO moved to an open licensing system for cannabis retail store applications earlier this year.

Seven cannabis retail stores are currently under review by the AGCO and one is out for comment, including this one.

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