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5 most-watched caught on video moments of 2019 in Halton



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5 most-watched caught on video moments of 2019 in Halton

Ever since the creation of the camera phone, people have been catching some of the craziest encounters on video for the world to see. 

These are the top 5 most-watched caught on video moments from Halton this year. 

5: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Told He Should Cut Turban Off to ‘Look More Canadian’

During a campaign trip to Quebec, before October’s federal election, leader of the federal NDP party, Jagmeet Singh, was approached by a man who suggested he may climb in the polls if he cuts his turban off to “look more Canadian.” 

Probably the strangest part of the encounter was towards the end when the man suggested he hoped Singh would win the election. 

4: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Highway Lanes Blocked Due to Vehicle Fire in Burlington

While many people have a dark fascination with car crashes that prohibits them from looking away when they see one, there is something even more captivating about seeing one that involves fire. 

This is likely why few people could pry their eyes off this scene that involved a vehicle fully engulfed in flames in Burlington. 

3: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Dump Truck Catches Fire in Oakville

Another vehicle fire that captivated viewers’ attention, this one involved a dump truck that caught fire on the QEW in Oakville. 

2: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Vehicle fire on the 401 in Milton

The third vehicle fire to make the list, this one happened in Milton. In the video, a transport truck is seen fully engulfed in flames on the westbound 401 near Trafalgar Road. 

1: CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Pair lauded for efforts to thwart ‘porch pirates’

With the number of people pilfering packages right off people’s porches on the rise, some delivery drivers have become more ingenious in where they leave their deliveries and how they hide the packages from sight. 

These two came up with the clever idea of stashing the package behind the building’s recycling bins to keep it out of sight from people who may be scanning the porch from the road for a new score. 

To the amazingly kind postal workers that thought ahead, THANK YOU!!!! from r/Hamilton

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