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Young Brampton Dancer Goes on Ellen Show



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Young Brampton Dancer Goes on Ellen Show

While there’s no shortage of artistic talent in Brampton, it’s always exciting to see performers–especially very young ones–shine in the spotlight.

Three GTA friends–Khiyla, Naima and Ajanae–created a music video that wow’d popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres so much she decided to invite them on The Ellen Show.

Not only are the girls absolutely adorable, they’re pretty talented (which goes without saying, considering they wound up on Ellen). Their routine is modern, energetic and incredibly entertaining to watch.

Petite dancer Ajanae, who hails from Brampton, dances at the city’s Jessica’s Dance Innovations–a studio that happily announced Ajanae’s appearance on their Facebook page.

Take a look at the video that got them on Ellen’s radar below.

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