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You Will Be Ticketed for Doing This at a Red Light Camera in Brampton



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You Will Be Ticketed for Doing This at a Red Light Camera in Brampton

Every driver knows to stop at a red light, but you may want to be extra diligent about how exactly you “stop.” 

Peel Region has a system of red light cameras designed to catch drivers who don’t stop properly at red lights.

Did you know if you don’t fully stop when making a right hand turn at a red light, you will find yourself with a ticket to pay? 

The cameras are on 24/7 and photograph any vehicle that runs a red light.

The cameras will also record the date and time of the incident, the vehicle’s license plate and speed it was going, and even the length of time that the red light was active. 

The set fine for running a red light is $325.

Of the 28 cameras installed in Peel, those listed below are located in Brampton:

  • Airport Road and Williams Parkway
  • Steeles Avenue and Rutherford Road / First Gulf Boulevard
  • Steeles Avenue and Kennedy Road
  • Queen Street West and West Drive/ Laurelcrest Street
  • Steeles Avenue and Bramalea Road
  • Airport Road and Queen Street
  • Steeles Avenue East and Resolution Drive
  • Steeles Avenue East and Bramalea GO Station Entrance
  • Dixie Road and Orenda Road/Birchbank Road
  • Airport Road and Steeles Avenue East
  • Dixie Road and Queen Street East
  • Queen Street East at Torbram Road
  • Airport Road and Bovaird Drive/Castlemore Road
  • Bovaird Drive West and Brisdale Drive/Pertosa Drive
  • Steeles Avenue West and Tait Boulevard/Windmill Boulevard

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