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Woman Spends 5 Days on Hallway Stretcher at Overcrowded Brampton Civic



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Woman Spends 5 Days on Hallway Stretcher at Overcrowded Brampton Civic

Though no one wants to end up in the hospital, people want their experience to be as quick and courteous as possible.

That was not entirely the case for Jamie-Lee Ball, a Brampton woman who was on a stretcher for five days at Brampton Civic Hospital in March.

Ball was on a stretcher in a busy hallway in extreme pain and suffering from internal bleeding, according to NEWSTALK 1010.

In Ball’s experience, the hospital was overcrowded to the point where there were not enough pillows available for patients. However, it appears staff was doing their best with their available resources.

Code Gridlock was in effect at the time, which means the hospital was overcrowded. Last year alone, Brampton Civic had 10 Code Gridlocks, according to NEWSTALK.

While Ball’s experience was not the best, Ontario plans to invest up to $451 million in the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, which includes an Urgent Care Centre. In a release from the province, officials stated that the centre’s services will complement the services at Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital.

This means that the new centre hopes to relieve some of the overcrowding and pressure at its William Osler Health System counterparts.

“This new hospital will make it easier and faster for people in the Brampton area to get high-quality health care,” said Premier Kathleen Wynne at the centre’s opening on Wednesday. “Brampton’s population is growing quickly. This hospital is meeting that demand now and also creating better care for the future.”

Dr. Naveed Mohammed, Vice President of Medical Affairs with William Osler, said that while the centre made a difference for a week, they’ve since seen 40 percent more patients than they have room for, according to NEWSTALK.

The Peel Memorial Centre brings together a range of health care services such as clinics for expectant and new mothers, care for youth and seniors, wellness programs, dieticians, chiropractors, and outpatient care. The Urgent Care Centre is not an emergency room, but it’s ideal for non-emergency issues that can’t wait for an appointment with your family doctor.

While Brampton needs more health resources by way of another hospital, or expansions to existing hospitals, the new centre still hopes to make a difference.


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