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Weather Warning in Effect for Brampton Tonight



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Weather Warning in Effect for Brampton Tonight

So, we just came across an interesting weather warning that you might want to know about.

According to the Environment Canada , there is a bona fide alert for Halton-Peel and it revolves around snow.

According to the alert, flurries started to intensify late today (Nov. 21) to the north and northeast of Toronto and the pattern is showing signs of shifting to the west.

It will likely be oriented more north to south this evening and affect parts of the greater Toronto area. Some areas may receive another two cm of snow this evening before it begins to weaken later tonight. Brisk winds will produce local blowing snow in open areas, as well,” the report reads.

This means that driving conditions may worsen after 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. It is possible that roads may become icy later in the evening.

Stay safe, everyone!


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