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Very Unique Restaurant in Brampton Shuts Down



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Very Unique Restaurant in Brampton Shuts Down

Bramptonians might be sad to learn that a restaurant that was the only one of its kind in Brampton has indeed closed its doors. 

La Marmite Mauricienne (translated to The Mauritian Pot) offered delicious and authentic Mauritian cuisine in downtown Brampton at its location hidden in Harmsworth Lane between John and Queen. 

The Mauritian Pot had been open for nearly a year – it originally opened early in 2017.

Vanesha Nuckchaddee-Khadaroo, the owner of The Mauritian Pot, offered a unique cuisine option in Brampton using fresh ingredients, freshly ground spices and a lot of culinary creativity.

Some great sauce concoctions were also available for purchase from the Brampton location. 

There is good news in spite of the closure – you can still get Khadaroo’s Mauritian culinary creations, because The Mauritian Pot will continue to cater and take pre-orders from a location in Toronto.

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Photo courtesy of Herman Custodio

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