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Urban Planning Leaders to Create a Future-Ready Brampton



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Urban Planning Leaders to Create a Future-Ready Brampton

Have you noticed how quickly Brampton is developing? 

With a university in the works, plans to build condos and improve the transit system, an abundance of restaurant openings, and talk of new retail options, Brampton is constantly in growing.

Now, the city has hired two of Canada’s leaders in urban planning and municipal management to consult with citizens and set out a vision for the city for its next 25 years of growth.

Rob Elliott is on board as the city’s Commissioner of Planning and Development Services. Elliott most recently worked for the Region of Peel as the Director of Development Services, where he helped implement strategies for healthy communities, social housing, and urban development. 

“The city of Brampton is undergoing amazing growth and is quickly becoming a city to watch in setting out an innovative plan for the future. I am honoured to be joining the team and to work with my colleagues, Council and the local community to build a vibrant community where our residents are proud to live,” Elliott stated.

Elliott’s first day is May 15.

The city has brought another new hire on board as well. 

Larry Beasley, a professor and author on city change, and the founder of Beasley and Associates, has been hired as an advisor to Elliott, with aims to develop a vision for Brampton as a North American leader in urban planning and design. Beasley has worked on city transformations in Dallas, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Canberra, and Vancouver, to name a few.

“With its proximity to transit, an international airport and its position in Canada’s high-tech corridor between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo, along with its historic community assets, the city of Brampton has the right components to make it a model for other North American cities to follow,” Beasley commented.

According to the city, Elliott and Beasley’s partnership is focused on maximizing Brampton’s global success and positioning Brampton as a “vibrant, innovative, and inclusive urban centre.”

With big projects on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see what the new hires suggest and how the city responds. 

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