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Unifor urging government not to further delay financial support for workers and employers



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Unifor urging government not to further delay financial support for workers and employers

Unifor believes the federal government has delayed providing financial support for workers and employers for too long.

The union, Canada’s largest, which represents 315,000 Canadian workers, is urging the government not to impose any more delays to the funding many people who are now out of work–which they believe is already overdue–need to continue to support themselves.

“Many workers are entering their third week of self-isolation, compounded by the most sudden, widespread job loss our country has ever experienced. Now, just days after the federal government presented something close to an inclusive plan, it seems like more roadblocks have been set up,” Unifor National President, Jerry Dias, said in a news release.

“Now is not the time for partisan shots and delays, it’s time to streamline delivery of the responsible solutions that Canada’s workers need,” he continued.

On April 1, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the portal for employers to access wage-replacement funds will not be available for another three to six weeks.

Unifor has been urging the government to take action and implement measures to protect workers’ jobs, financial interests, and health by March 5.

However, many of the new measures have yet to be adopted, and the new benefits that have been announced are still not available for workers to apply for or receive.

“Workers are still waiting for the financial support announced weeks ago, with millions already out of work or laid off,” Unifor Quebec Director, Renaud Gagn√©, said in the same release.

“Canada’s workers are doing their part to stop the spread of this viral pandemic, it’s time for Ottawa to provide the clarity and leadership to bring us through this crisis together, with a comprehensive plan, not more patchwork announcements and irresponsible delays,” he continued.

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