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Two New Youth Hubs Could Be Coming To Brampton Soon



Two New Youth Hubs Could Be Coming To Brampton Soon

With approximately 125,820 youth in Brampton between the ages of 15 and 29, it is one of the youngest cities in Canada. Thus, Brampton City Council has been making it a priority to build a healthy and safe city where the youth can learn, grow and play.

And, now Peel Regional Council passed a motion to fund two youth hub locations in Brampton during the 2020 regional budget deliberations.

The motion was created by Councillor Martin Medeiros and seconded by Regional Councillor Rowena Santos.

The motion requests Peel to consider a $6 million grant to convert Century Garden Lawn Bowling Clubhouse and a part of South Fletcher’s Sportsplex into a youth hub. The hub will be home to social and health services agencies that focus on the youth.

The City of Brampton choose those two locations after researching into high need areas.

“We need to continue investing in our youth and provide spaces for recreation, and access to much needed social services and supports. Youth service organizations often struggle to find affordable spaces to operate but this solution will provide a creative space and house organizations that provide services for our youth,” says Councillor Medeiros.

The integrated services will be delivered through the creation of the two locations so that young people can access social services, service providers and youth agencies easily.

“We know that collaborations with the youth, support organizations, and government can provide the wrap-around services and preventive programs to help keep our young people out of trouble and open doors to more positive opportunities. Youth hubs are proven to be effective at providing that support, says Councillor Santos.

The motion was passed unanimously and will move onto the 2020 budget considerations.

What do you think about the possible creation of two new youth hubs in Brampton?

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