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Top 5 Under the Radar Samosa in Brampton


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Top 5 Under the Radar Samosa in Brampton

A wise woman once told me that samosas are actually little stuffed triangles that fall from the heavens. Oh wait, that was me.

A wise woman once told me that samosas are actually little stuffed triangles that fall from the heavens. Oh wait, that was me.

Affordable and delicious, samosas are stuffed delights that can be crispy or doughy and stuffed with everything from peas and potatoes to chicken and beef. A samosa, when done right, is one of the most satisfying foods out there—and one that’s perfect for a snack, an app or even a lazy but delicious dinner.

Brampton has a samosa gem around every corner — but some of them still manage to fly under the radar. Whether they’re buried in industrial plazas or you might not give them a glance even near a main intersection, here are the top five under the radar spots to get samosas in Brampton.

5) Brampton Sweets & Restaurant

This place at Kennedy and Stafford is small but mighty, where it has stood for some years now. And though it has gained popularity among a small crowd of people, it’s a pretty good Indian restaurant that more people need to know about. Not to mention, you could say it flies under the radar because Kennedy Road is saturated with small restaurants. Their buffet is cheap and at the forefront of their business, but their samosas are good too! Big, doughy, and packed full of potatoes and peas, these three for a dollar samosas are a must-try — are you even from Brampton if you haven’t had samosas from a place called “Brampton Sweets”? I think not.

4) Standard Sweets & Restaurant

Standard Sweets is far from standard, and though it has been around for years, it somehow manages to always have a table available when I go inside. Located in a the same plaza on County Court as Pamier Kabob, Lazeez Shawarma, and Mayura, you might not have noticed Standard Sweets off the bat so it can be easy to miss — it’s at the far corner of the plaza. They also don’t display their samosas front and centre for everyone to see, but damn these samosas are delicious! High on the spice and on the potato factors, the samosas here are packed with flavour and come at three for $1, as many samosas in Brampton do. And don’t forget about the chutney — it’s sweet, delicious, and unique from any other chutney I’ve tried.

3) Warraich Meats

Wait, what…Warraich Meats sells samosas? Answer: yes indeed they do! This meat shop has a few locations in Brampton — on Cottrelle and on Charolais — and it might be your go-to for any and all kinds of meat, but did you know they also sell samosas? Well, now you do (you not knowing is why they’re on this list), and this information is about to rock your world. Warraich Meats has the best chicken samosas I have ever tried! On the pricey end at one samosa for $1, these samosas are worth your while. The two- or three-bite triangles are crunchy on the outside and packed with ground chicken and spices on the inside, and you must get some ASAP. Absolutely delicious. I could eat, like, 10. Or probably more. On a full stomach.

2) Indian Foodland

In an unassuming plaza with what might be the worst parking lot in the world, Indian Foodland’s food counter takes up a small fraction of the store and sells some seriously delicious Indian food. Indian Foodland’s customers tend to be people living directly in its vicinity — anyone who doesn’t live near Chinguacousy and Dusk might not even know the independent South Asian grocer exists. But, oh, it does. And the samosas are epic. At the classic price of three for $1, Indian Foodland’s samosas are small, packed with flavour, potatoes, and peas, and wrapped in a crunchy dough. Once you come here for samosas, you’ll spill all about your new favourite Indian grocery store to your friends and the samosas won’t be so under the radar anymore.

1) Taste of Punjab

I’m not going to lie — I was a little sketched out when I went looking for Taste of Punjab for the first time. I was driving alone, in the dark, and it’s in an industrial area at Dixie and Advance. When I first arrived at the plaza, I didn’t spot the resto immediately and was ready to leave…but I’m a trooper and I’m glad I didn’t! At two samosas for $1, these samosas don’t hit the exact price point as most samosas in Brampton do (three for $1) but they are well worth it. An ideal size — not to large and not too small — these veggie samosas manage to be crunchy and doughy at once, perfectly triangular, and packed full of flavour. Don’t forget to dip your samosa in the sweet chutney, either, because it’s awesome! Best served with a steaming cup of chai…

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