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Top 5 Smoked Meat Sandwiches in Brampton


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Top 5 Smoked Meat Sandwiches in Brampton

To the meat lovers out there, this one’s for you! This list is more than just your classic Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, even though they are naturally a primary feature. When meat is seasoned well, it tastes fantastic, but when it’s slow cooked and smoked, it’s a whole new ball game. You know that meat that just kind of melts in your mouth? That’s what I was looking for, and I came into some real winners in Brampton! Intrigued? Read on:

5) Jake’s Boathouse

Smoked meat and a movie? Located near Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate Cinemas off Steeles and Highway 410, this large yet slightly hidden bar and restaurant has a Montreal smoked meat sandwich that may surprise you. It may not be the first thing you notice on the menu, but when it gets to your table the excitement will start to build. The meat in this sandwich doesn’t melt in your mouth like some of the other options on this list, but the cheese is a nice touch and the flavour of the meat is quite good. This sandwich is also served with a side to help satisfy your appetite. With great service to match, Jake’s Boathouse is one of the few places in Brampton where you can find a decent smoked meat sandwich.

4) Joey’s Deli

Deli style sandwiches are a quick and filling meal option at any time of the day. Joey’s Deli’s Montreal smoked meat sandwich gets you one step closer to that meaty, ‘melt in your mouth’ feel. The meat is layered nice and high, so be sure to stretch your jaw before consumption. Add mustard, and you got a simple but effective smoked meat sandwich. A bit of coleslaw on the side and a few slices of dill pickle help keep the sourness and acidity levels of this meal just right.

3) Poutine Dare To Be Fresh

Just because you’re good at one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t be good at other things too. This couldn’t be more accurate for Poutine Dare to Be Fresh. As you would imagine from the name, they really know their stuff when it comes to poutines. An exciting variety of loaded poutines are on this menu, but if you look close enough, you’ll also notice a Montreal smoked meat sandwich; try it! The mustard almost melts into the beautifully smoked meat that’s layered thick and decently high. This sandwich is definitely a welcomed item on this menu.

2) Food Fight Barbeque Bar

Now we get into the higher levels of smoked meat. You can smoke any type of meat, and when you do, something beautiful usually happens. The team at Food Fight Barbeque Bar understand this concept beautifully! Smoked chicken, smoked turkey, and the classics like pulled pork and beef brisket, help make this restaurant a smoked meat lover’s delight! While their meat could probably hold its own in terms of taste, they add some extras to keep the flavour buds entertained. If you’re an adventurous soul like me, or you just aren’t sure which one to get, try their sliders to get a good taste of their options. The beef brisket here is succulent and tasty, I highly recommend it!

1) BriSkit

When you do something for long enough, there’s a good chance you become better and better at it, but I’m not sure if BriSkit can get any better.  These sandwiches just melt in your mouth. Think of warm and soft bread with the right amount of butter in it, and picture how that tastes in your mouth…now replace the butter with meat and other beautiful add-ons, but you’re still tasting the same soft texture. It’s simply unreal. The BriSkit Philly Melt made my taste buds sing; the sad part? That wasn’t even my favourite! The Cuban Pulled Pork stole my heart, and it just may do the same to you. I like my smoked meat with a little bit of acidity and a lot of meat, but these folks add ham, salami, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and coleslaw on top of their perfectly smoked pulled pork, and it’s a dream! While the sandwiches are large, the taste made me eat two in one sitting, but the sandwiches were so moist, I didn’t even need a drink! Walking out of this place was tough after all that food, but its only open 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, so plan your visit and appetite accordingly. When it comes to smoked meat in Brampton, BriSkit is number one in my heart, belly, and this Top 5!

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