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Top 5 Places to Get Pie in Brampton



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Top 5 Places to Get Pie in Brampton

Have you ever eaten an entire pie? Once you’ve learned the secrets of Brampton’s pie scene, you might want to.

Whether you like your pie savoury or sweet, filled with fruit or nuts or meat, cold or warm, you can’t deny that pie is a quintessential comfort food. Typically, pie is a baked dish encased in pastry dough and filled with goodies. From apple pie to chicken pot pie and everything inbetween, pie is awesome. Many things define a great pie, but personally, I like to say that it’s all in the crust!

There are a bunch of places in Brampton that serve pie, so whenever you’ll feeling that pie craving this fall, refer to this master list for the best places to get pie in Brampton.

Here are the top five places for pie in the city:

5) The Pie Guyz

Let’s kick this list off with some savoury pies! The Pie Guyz at North Park and Torbram only serves savoury pies. Their selection includes chicken and mushroom pie, peri peri chicken pie, chicken vindaloo pie, mutton curry pie, spinach and cheese (palak paneer) pie, steak and kidney pie, and beyond! If any of this has you salivating already, keep in mind that they boast South African tastes, so you’re in for unique flavours with their pie – yum. The warning on their site speaks for itself, “Warning! Our Pies are Addictive.” Their flavours are great, and the size of their pies are even better because they’re all individual. So if you were planning on downing an entire pie, maybe grab four or five of these babies.

4) Nova Grill & Bakery

On the edge of the downtown core sits Nova Grill and Bakery, a magical place that you might just miss if you’re not looking for it, even though it’s on Main Street. Sweets, hot meals, alcohol, lots of space, TVs – Nova Grill and Bakery has it all. You’ve probably seen Nova Grill and Bakery locations around the GTA, but this is one of the few that offers cooked meals. But, let’s talk pie. Nova has a rotating selection of pie that’s baked fresh daily: apple, caramel apple crunch, cherry, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, lemon-meringue, and pecan. You won’t know what pie you’ll be able to snag until you go in, and you’ll want to go early, because these pies go fast! Their pecan pie was great – the crust was solid, the filling was not too sweet, and it was filled with pecans galore. It’s good pie at the cheapest price on this list here, about $6.50 a pie.

3) The Apple Factory

Check out all of those freshly baked pies in the oven! At Bovaird Drive and Mississauga Road, The Apple Factory is high on quality, with a bunch of homemade products for sale, including pies baked in-house. They have classic flavours like blueberry and cherry, plus slightly unique flavours like Saskatoon berry. Of course, they have several different kinds of apple pie – apple, apple crisp, and apple strusel, to name a few – but are you really surprised? It’s called The Apple Factory, after all. For some classic apple pie, head here, the selection of apple pies are definitely the best ones on their roster!

2) The Country Apple Store 

Hiding on Heritage Road is The Country Apple Store, which probably wins for having the most kinds of pie in one place on this list – blueberry, cherry, peach, apple caramel, raspberry, banana cream, coconut cream, strawberry rhubarb, bumbleberry, apple raspberry, pumpkin, pumpkin pecan crunch – I told you, the list goes on! They have a freezer full of pies if you want to take one home and save it for later, and some premium, made in-house daily pies for immediate eating. It’s an experience at this place, where they create an outdoor market during the summertime, out in the middle of nowhere on farmland, selling Al Ferri and Sons pies. Their pies are classic, especially their apple caramel pie, pictured below. The pie was filled with a good amount of apples and it wasn’t overly sweet, though it could have used more sauce, and the crust crumbled nicely, too. What’s more – these pies look like you made them yourself. A grade A place to get a pie to eat in one night.

1) Prince of Wales Country Market

Okay, we need to talk about Prince of Wales. It’s an indpendent grocery store at Embleton and Heritage, and you might not know of its existence in Brampton unless someone told you, you Googled it, or you’re reading this sentence. Prince of Wales has pies that are stuffed to the brim with fruits and filling, with a perfectly flaky and melt-in-your-mouth crust, and they’re all baked in-house daily, so what’s there changes from day-to-day. Pictured below is a blueberry peach pie, an already unique flavour, and it was straight up delicious. This is the kind of pie you’ll want all to yourself. The blueberry peach pie is almost out of season, but they also make apple pie, and pumpkin pie for the fall, plus several savoury pies like turkey (also well done at Prince of Wales), steak and mushroom, and pork. The prices are a little higher (what’s pictured was $15), but this place delivers on quality. Over all, a solid place to get pie in Brampton.

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