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Top 5 Pancakes in Brampton



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Top 5 Pancakes in Brampton

Fluffy, sweet, cakey, and melt-in-your-mouth good – who doesn’t love pancakes?

Pancakes are a breakfast staple! From chocolate to berries to whipped cream and more, they can be topped with anything and made to anyone’s liking. Personally, I think we should stick candles in stacks of pancakes as birthday cakes for pancake-lovers.

However you like your pancakes, there are a ton of restaurants in Brampton that are flipping up pancakes on the regular. But it’s true that some of them just do pancakes better than the others.

Here are the top 5 places to get pancakes in Brampton!

5) Wally’s

Wally’s is an epic family restaurant in an industrial area near Steeles and Dixie in Brampton – and it’s hard to miss! A large truck stop that serves all-day breakfast with awesome service, Wally’s has some seriously delicious and indulgent dishes, and their pancakes are one of them. At Wally’s, you can get a stack of three or five pancakes depending on how ravenous you are, and choose from plain, blueberry, or chocolate chip. These babies are soft, cakey, and served with an orange slice to wash the sweetness off of your palette. We also highly recommend the eggs benny or the eggs florentine for breakfast here! It’s a great spot for the fam.

4) Joey’s Deli

This unassuming spot in downtown Brampton has a huge – and we mean HUGE – selection of items on the menu, from breakfast, to brunch, to lunch, to dinner, and everything inbetween. Joey’s boasts a range of all-day breakfast items, and their pancakes are a must-order item on the menu. Here, you can either get pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar, and served with two eggs and homefries plated beautifully as seen below, or a topped pancake, complete with seasonal fruits, a freshly cut banana, and whipped cream. The pancakes have a cakey yet slightly crumbly consistency that actually works really nicely with the icing sugar, and you’ll thank yourself for coming out to try them. Joey’s pancakes are fluffy, slightly dense, unique and best chowed down with a healthy serving of butter and maple syrup – yum.

3) Flips

Ah, Flips – a classic in the Brampton breakfast restaurant scene, located in the area of Hurontario and Bovaird. Flips is one of those places where everything on the menu is a solid choice, and everything will leave you incredibly full. This place is awesome for both families and an epic hangover meal! Let’s talk pancakes – at Flips, you get two massive pancakes served with two substantial sides (tomatoes, eggs, bacon, homefries, fruit, and even strawberry yogurt are among your options). You can get your pancakes plain, chocolate chip, or with fresh strawberries or blueberries, and any of those choices is a good one. Flips has the kind of large, fluffy pancakes that will have you craving more, and they really take their chocolate chips seriously, as you can expect a ton of chocolate in there.

2) John’s

If you want to hit this Fisherman’s Drive hotspot on a Saturday or Sunday, be prepared to wait a few minutes for a table. John’s Family Restaurant, a tasty establishment known for serving massive portions of breakfast, brunch and Greek and Italian fare, is a casual restaurant run by friendly servers that’s augmented by a filling and delicious menu. Their pancakes have climbed to the number two spot on this list for for good reason! John’s pancakes are incredibly fluffy and soft – these babies will definitely melt in your mouth. And there’s a range of pancakes on the menu. You can get three fluffy buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, pancakes supreme topped with berries, strawberry preserves, and fresh cream, or even the sweet dream, which is three pancakes topped with strawberries, bananad, Nutella, almonds, and whipped cream. The chocolate chip pancakes are especially mouth-watering because the chips are both inside and on top of the pancakes…and, yes, they melt beautifully.

1) Stacy Lee’s

This legendary Brampton breakfast spot at Queen and McLaughlin takes the win for the best pancakes in Brampton for good reason! For under $10, you can get four epic buttermilk pancakes, served either plain or with fresh blueberries. Stacy Lee’s pancakes are guaranteed to be the fluffiest, cakiest, most melt-in-your-mouth pancakes on this list, and the blueberries are actually fresh every time. The pancakes are the perfect amount of sweet, and made even better with a drizzle of syrup and a heavy hand of butter…or even peanut butter, if you roll that way. Stacy Lee’s might be understated from the outside, but the quality of food always proves worthy. Be sure to try the hash browns – you may never go back to homefries again. 

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