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Top 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton: November 10 – 16



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Top 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton: November 10 – 16

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of November 10 -16, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) John’s Family Restaurant:

This restaurant has been serving the community with excellence for over a decade now, and has become a staple breakfast and brunch spot for those in the area. It should come to no surprise to see their delicious salmon eggs benny on this top 5. Flavour is paramount when it comes to food, but the picture here says it all! A creamy and rich hollandaise sauce leads your taste buds through the rest of every bite. With 7 different eggs benny options to choose form in small or large portions (including an avocado benny), John’s can satisfy your craving.

4) That Italian Place Cafe & Eatery

Located just around the corner from Williams Parkway and Torbram, That Italian Place is a very busy spot with an authentic Italian feel. A word of caution to you when you visit: order early or have time to spare. I made the mistake of just popping in at lunch, hoping to quickly get a taste of a stone oven pizza. Unfortunately for me, there was no chance of a fast getaway; the restaurant was completely packed, and for good reason: every item I could feast my eyes on looked absolutely delightful and tempting. Despite a line that spanned the length of the store, the efficient staff made sure that customers’ orders were placed promptly, and within five minutes of my arrival I had my cappuccino and cannoli to go. The coffee was traditional, well made and thoroughly enjoyed, especially with the cannoli. It warmed my heart on a bitter day; next time, I’ll make sure I get a taste of the pizza too.

3) Good Egg Dining

More like GREAT Egg Dining! Given its relatively low price in comparison to other options on this Top 5, it sure did surprise me. Their potatoes and hollandaise sauce were some of the best on this list! While they might only be two components of this dish, they are key elements that dictate the dish as a whole. A variety of other options exist on their menu, but with value and flavour being paramount, Good Egg Dining is definitely a solid contender for this list!

2) AJ’s Restaurant:

So this is the best Florentine Eggs Benedict I’ve had in my life. Period. Just writing about it brings on a craving. Complementing certain tastes and flavours is an art form; it’s very rarely something that is left to chance. The blend of hollandaise sauce, egg whites, yolk, spinach, mushroom, and English Muffin all complement each other to such a perfect degree that it tastes like one solid flavour within the same profile. Confusing? Think of a colour spectrum where you can see blue change to green as you move your eyes through the spectrum. Now think of this dish as being able to let you taste the entire spectrum all in one bite without skipping a single transition – powerful stuff! As if this wasn’t enough, they went ahead and seasoned their potatoes beautifully to add a little spice to your meal. Crunchy, savoury, and a little bit salty. Brampton, this is one of your best Eggs Benedict by far!

1) Shawarma Queen

This is the spot in Brampton when it comes to shawarma. I will happily put this joint up against any place in the GTA when it comes to Arab grub. Straight flexin’ like Nate Diaz at a UFC weigh in, I bring my co-workers, family, friends and lovers here for food on the regular and it never disappoints. The staff here are absolutely the nicest people you will meet in the shawarma game. Support your local, independent business, especially when they are this good!

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