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Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: January 5 to January 11



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Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: January 5 to January 11

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of January 5 to January 11, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) Traditional Taste 

Tucked into a plaza at Queen and McLaughlin, Traditional Taste is a classic bakery and cafe in Brampton that you have to visit, if not for their incredible custard tarts, then for their croissants! The classic butter croissant at Traditional Taste is big, fluffy, and sweet. That’s right, the dough has a pleasant sweetness to it that goes well with a cup of black coffee (if you roll that way). You can also make your croissant into a breakfast croissant with some deli meat and cheese here, and enjoy it in the small cafe area with plenty of light shining through the windows. A great croissant to start the day with.

4) Toshi Japanese Restaurant

This spot, while not AYCE, provides amazing sushi at a reasonable price. The food is fantastic, I place it up there with any sushi joint in Peel Region. Tracing its roots to humble beginnings in the infamous Shopper’s World, this spot sits up top in the same plaza as the crowned king (Queen) of Shawarma at Hurontario and Bovaird. Do yourself a favor and try this place out. Quality over quantity sometimes!

3) Pho Bo Saigon 

Located in the plaza beside my local Freshco, I make an excuse every time I go shopping to get myself a large rare beef and beef ball pho with some spring rolls and a milkshake. The pho here tastes like a 70 year old Vietnamese grandmother has been slaving over it for hours, but it comes out fast and furious like Vin Diesel. The pho here is cheaper than a grease burger from Burger King, so give this place a shot when you need a quick bite.

2) Simply South 

Simply South is a relatively new restaurant located at Countryside Drive and Airport Road, and they have quick, kind service and a gorgeous interior (seriously – date night material, themed in blue and bronze!). First of all, their presentation is on point as you can see from the photo of their beautiful dosa below. I had their Chettinad dosa, which is smeared in a special chilli powder, and filled with a traditional potato and onion paste. Their dosa was light, crispy, and golden brown, their filling was flavourful and the powder added a nice kick, and their chutneys were delicious. The best part? Their sambhar. A perfectly balanced mix of tamarind, curry leaves, and lentils, their sambhar was a good compliment to their dosa and chutneys – I almost drank the whole thing. Not only do they have a great dosa selection, Simply South has some choice South Indian favourites on the menu like gobi manchurian (cauliflower fritters) and even a samosa sampler, plus North Indian street food, six different kinds of vada, and…a lunch special South Indian thali (assortment of items)! It comes with masala dosa, idly, vada, and something sweet, served with sambhar and papadum (a crunchy chip-like item). Be warned – it’s all vegetarian here.

1) Yarl Dosa Corner 

This little hole-in-the-wall sits in a plaza at Kennedy Road and Clarence Street. I had the spring masala dosa at a reasonable $10.99. This dosa had a mix of fresh cabbage, onions, carrots and green peppers, and spiced potatoes as filling, which gave it a Chinese-South Indian fusion vibe, reminiscent of a spring roll. The dosa was presented well on the plate, cut into thirds which was unique for a dosa, and the service was friendly and quick. The sambhar had a smokey taste to it which was unusual, and the crepe was thin and crispy which was great. This dosa came with tomato and coconut chutney, both of which tasted pretty standard, and if anything the coconut chutney was too sweet. They have a standard selection of dosas ranging from a cheap $5 for a plain dosa to $11 for a loaded dosa.

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