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Top 5 Biggest LCBO Stores (and What They Offer) in Brampton



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Top 5 Biggest LCBO Stores (and What They Offer) in Brampton

Ah, the LCBO.

While you no doubt appreciate its presence, there’s a good chance you don’t know everything there is to know about your local LCBO.

Did you know, for example, that LCBO stores offer a range of experts who can help you with everything from choosing the perfect wine for dinner to selecting the ideal craft beer for your hipster cousin’s upcoming bachelor party?

All of these stores include a Vintages Corner,” says Christine Bujold, media relations coordinator, corporate communications, LCBO. “ Each store has at least one Product Consultant who can provide advice on a wide range of products within the store to meet all tastes and budgets. Each store also has a Spirits Leader on staff, who specializes in spirit products, and a “WOW” leader (World of Ontario Wine), which is staff member with enhanced knowledge of Ontario wine products. While not all of the above stores include a beer cold room, each store has a Beer Ambassador on staff. LCBO Beer Ambassadors have extensive knowledge of Ontario craft beer products.”

While almost every LCBO comes equipped with experts, some Brampton locations offer a few extra perks.

Here’s a look at Brampton’s biggest LCBO stores and what you might want to ask for when you visit each of them.

5) 31 Worthington Ave.

The fifth biggest LCBO in Brampton offers some perks you might expect, namely a Vintages Corner and on-site experts. It also offers a cold beer room, and it’s wheelchair accessible!

4) 545 Steeles Avenue East (Orion Gate)

The fourth largest LCBO, located in the Steeles and 410 area, offers a very cool tasting bar, and a coveted cold beer room. Along with those special perks, the location also offers a Vintages corner and on-site experts.

3) 170 Sandalwood Parkway (Heartlake Town Centre)

This busy location offers all the requisite LCBO perks, including a vast Vintages selection, wheelchair accessibility and a product consultant. If you have to pick the perfect beer or inquire about spirits, someone at this site should be more than happy to help you.

2) 80 Peel Centre Drive (Bramalea City Centre)

This popular LCBO is centrally located near Brampton’s most popular mall and while it doesn’t boast a cold beer room, it does have a special tasting bar available (so you can sample some unique beverages before you purchase them).

1) 9970 Airport Road

The spacious Airport Road and Bovaird location boasts a Vintages Corner, wine, beer and spirits experts. The store is also wheelchair accessible and close to transit, so shoppers who use the bus and have mobility issues should have no trouble grabbing a nice bottle of vino to enjoy with dinner.

Fun fact: Throwing a special event like a wedding or some other kind of party? You need a permit to serve alcohol anywhere that’s not a licensed establishment or a private place! Special Occasion Permits (SOPs) were once sold in store, but now, they’re sold exclusively online. You can learn more here.

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