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Tips on how to stay productive while working from home



Tips on how to stay productive while working from home

If you’re one of the many employees that has been shifted to working from home, you may still be trying to adjust to your new routine. 

Fortunately, Indeed recently released some tips for those unfamiliar with working from home. 

First and foremost, while it might be tempting to avoid throwing on your usual work attire, opting to spend the entire day in your pyjamas is not ideal. 

If you’re dressed like you’re going to bed, it can be difficult to focus on your job–it’s important to separate your work-life and your home-life, even when you’re working from home. 

It’s also important to set a schedule and follow it–while working from home could mean less time commuting and a less hectic morning routine, abandoning a morning routine can lead to a lack of motivation to get your work done. 

Some tips on managing your schedule while working from home include: 

  • Start each day off by reviewing the tasks you need to get done to make progress towards your goals that day and throughout the week
  • Prioritize your tasks by understanding the time investment, complexity and impact of each
  • Provide key status updates to your manager and other team members at an agreed-upon cadence
  • Take regularly scheduled breaks to stretch, get outside and rest your brain

Another key part of staying productive while working from home is setting up a work station–even if it’s just a desk and a chair, having a space to go to to be productive will help you establish a routine and stay productive despite all the unusual distractions you might find yourself surrounded by. 

However, while it’s important to stay productive while working from home, it’s also important to avoid overworking yourself and burning out. 

The fact that you aren’t at an office means you won’t be able to talk to co-workers and socialize as much, which can lead to feelings of isolation. 

Some tips to avoid this include: 

  • Shut down your computer at the end of day
  • Avoid opening your email or online chat after you’ve decided to sign off
  • Identify an activity that starts around the time you need to disconnect, such as a workout class, errand or appointment with a friend
  • Take short breaks throughout the day to go for a walk or eat a snack–something to get you on your feet and moving 

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