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This Brampton Bodybuilder Has His Own YouTube Channel



This Brampton Bodybuilder Has His Own YouTube Channel

Brampton has had a hit and a miss with gyms lately, as evident by the recent closure of Crunch Fitness (the other Brampton location remains open).

In this day and age of social media promotion and marketing, perhaps the key to a successful enterprise such as a gym is the ability to use such tools to promote your business but also offering your service in a different way.

My Bollywood Body is located at 125 Chrysler Drive in Brampton. As their website states, it is 10,000 square feet with over hundred pieces of equipment and a highway of dumbbells. It is a non staffed gym which is open 24/7, which patrons would require an access card to enter.

However, this gym also has a slew of YouTube videos showing various workout regiments by the gym’s owner, Sunny, as well as various other content.


This concept is very similar to the Gymnify concept in Mississauga, although that particular gym recently shuttered its doors.

Will you be visiting My Bollywood Body in Brampton anytime soon?

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