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These Brampton businesses are giving back to the community amid COVID-19 pandemic



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These Brampton businesses are giving back to the community amid COVID-19 pandemic

With most people listening to experts and self-isolating in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses in Brampton have been forced to close.

Many of these businesses include Brampton restaurants; and although several of them are offering take-out and delivery options, the inability to have guests dine-in has ultimately impacted them negatively. 

This is why three Brampton businesses came together to help the community during this difficult time.

J. Red & Co., MGR Construction Services and Mount Vesuvio decided that with J. Red & Co.’s empty space and a fridge full of food, that they would work together to shine some light on the community.

“We created a program that makes very simple meals and delivers them to seniors in isolation,” said Jason Rosso, chef and owner of J. Red & Co. 

“When we thought of ways we could help, it was a no brainer. We had the tools, so we thought it’d be a good thing to do.”

With many restaurants having been ordered to close, Rosso said that although the restaurant business is currently “getting crushed,” it is their job to “take care of people.” 

“The reality is, during this time we can either be locked at home or help to feed others in need. Goodwill doesn’t exist a lot these days,” he said.

Currently, the trio of businesses is working together to deliver roughly 500 meals per week. 

“We do four deliveries per day through a “no contact” process,” explained Rosso. 

“When the drivers come to pick up the food, we put the food in a quarantined area so the cooks never come in contact with the drivers.”

Rosso firmly believes in the importance of community.

“If anything, this situation has taught us how important community is. These are real conversations that didn’t exist a few weeks ago,” said Rosso.

“When there’s a travesty, communities lose out on the identity of small businesses. This experience has brought people closer and will hopefully be a future reminder to reach out to people, support communities and shop locally.”

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Photos courtesy of J. Red & Co.

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