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These are the steps Brampton has taken this year to become a more eco-friendly city



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These are the steps Brampton has taken this year to become a more eco-friendly city

This year, Brampton has taken significant steps to move forward in the direction of becoming a more eco-friendly and green city.

In 2019, Brampton city council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency while aiming to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated in the city by 80 per cent by 2050.

Back in January 2020, Brampton city council endorsed the Brampton Eco Park Strategy; which was a significant step towards building a green city and implementing a Green Framework for the City of Brampton.

The following month, in February 2020, city council unanimously approved Brampton’s 2020 Budget, which included investments for a Green City to benefit Brampton’s sustainability for both the present and future.

This included investments of $2.9M over three years for the Hurontario LRT, $136M for 120 new buses over three years, $9M for LED retrofit of streetlights and 8 electric buses to hit the streets in the largest global deployment of interoperable buses and chargers.

Earlier this month, the City of Brampton approved the Downtown Brampton Flood Protection Environmental Assessment, allowing for the widening of Etobicoke Creek through the City’s downtown. 

This initiative, which is subject to change upon government funding, will help unlock the economic potential of Brampton’s downtown area and the design will reduce existing flood risk in the area.

It will also help to provide the foundation to implement the Riverwalk; a project that will help revitalize the downtown area while also making it more sustainable.

Additionally, this past week, the City of Brampton announced that it will be receiving funding to install 12 new electric vehicle charging stations at four facilities by the end of 2021.

Electric vehicle charging stations will encourage residents to re-evaluate how they get around as well as promote more sustainable transportation choices, which will in turn reduce GHGs.

What do you think of the steps Brampton has taken this year towards being a green city? 

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