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There’s a New Place for Soup in Brampton



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There’s a New Place for Soup in Brampton

Ah, soup, always a simple comfort meal in an otherwise hectic day if that’s what gets you down. There are already a number of places that serve delicious soup in Brampton, as we have previously documented.

Now that it’s about to get colder outside as we brace for the true winter to descend upon us, having a bowl of soup once in a while can’t’ hurt. Fortunately, a new soup establishment recently opened that may satisfy that craving for some of you.Located at 380 Bovaird Drive East, just off of Kennedy and Bovaird inside Conestoga Plaza, Souperlicious serves a variety of ‘authentic Caribbean soups’ with flavours such as cow foot, red peas with oxtail, chicken soup, lobster bisque, smoke turkey, goat and many more.

The grand opening was back on September 29.

Here’s a picture of their Banana Porridge.And their Smoke Turkey soup.Besides their signature soups, Souperlicious also serves Jerk Chicken, Oxtail Burritos and Protein Bowls. They also allow customers to try samples of their soups and porridges.

Will you be checking out Souperlicious in the new year?


380 Bovaird Drive East, Unit 5

Brampton, Ontario

Photos and video courtesy of Souperlicious’ Facebook page

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