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The Province is investing in projects intended to improve food safety



The Province is investing in projects intended to improve food safety

The Province has announced it is investing in meat-processing businesses in an effort to improve food safety.

According to a news release from the Province, the Ontario government has announced it will be providing $220,000 in cost-share funding to support 25 projects at provincially licenced abattoir businesses in Ontario.

This cost-share funding is in addition to funding to support 28 other projects completed at abattoirs in 2019, for a total investment of more than $530,000.

These funding initiatives, when combined with contributions from the abattoir businesses, will collectively result in approximately $1.7 million in investments to further improve food safety in Ontario. Each project is eligible for up to 50 per cent cost-share, with eligible abattoirs receiving a maximum of $20,000.

“The success of our meat processing businesses relies on the strength of our food safety systems,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, said in the release.

“Supporting projects like these not only strengthens Ontario’s capacity to produce safe, high-quality food products, it increases the overall competitiveness of the sector while creating good middle-class jobs,” she continued.

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