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Take a Spooky Tour Around Brampton This Weekend



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Take a Spooky Tour Around Brampton This Weekend

Are you interested in Brampton’s history? How about ghosts? What about a combination of the two? Well, you’re in luck! A new tour throughout Brampton will be happening this week for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Steve Collie of After Dark Tours will be holding a Walking Tour of Downtown Brampton. He is doing it to raise funds for Grace United Church.

The tour will be held on Friday, May 24, at 7:15 pm. The tour will start at Grace United Church in Brampton.

Just like the regular tours Collie does with After Dark Tours, 2 of the 7 stops on the tour will be of haunted locations, including a ghost of a World War II Veteran that haunts Downtown Brampton.

The other stops on the tour will focus on the GO Station lands and more around the area of Nelson St East.

Admission is $10 cash per person. All proceeds will go towards Grace United Church.

Collie runs After Dark Tours with the help of his two sons, as well as the coordinator Laura Collie. They provide walking tours across the Toronto and GTA areas that are based on paranormal activity. They bring tourists as close to the activity as they can for the best experience.

They also say: “non-believers are more than welcome.”

For more information on After Dark Tours:

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