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Snow Could Create Messy Morning Commute in Brampton



Snow Could Create Messy Morning Commute in Brampton

Although snowy roads are relatively common during the colder months in Brampton, they’re always the absolute worst in the morning when everyone is trying to get to school and work.

Sadly, The Weather Network is predicting a potentially difficult commute tomorrow morning.

The weather agency just released a weather statement predicting that a total of 10-15 cm of snow is expected for the area. The Weather Network reports that snow will begin over southwestern Ontario and gradually make its way to Eastern Ontario by late afternoon.

As of now, forecasters are predicting snow, but there’s a chance it could turn to rain early Monday (Dec. 11) morning near the shores of the Great Lakes.

Naturally, the timing of the inclement weather will impact morning travel.

Fortunately, Environment Canada is predicting that the snow/rain mix will end Monday morning (Dec. 12), but high winds will continue.

Basically, check the weather regularly and, if the snow keeps falling, try to give yourself a little extra time in the morning.

Drive safe, everyone!

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