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Snow Could Be Headed for Brampton This Week



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Snow Could Be Headed for Brampton This Week

That’s right, Brampton – our snow-less conditions might be coming to an end sooner than expected!

Whether or not you’re ready for it, snow could hit Brampton as soon as this Thursday, according to The Weather Network and Environment Canada.

The Weather Network’s forecast for this week says that snow-rain showers are expected on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

It might not be a snowstorm (thankfully!), but there’s a 40 per cent chance of precipitation and it’s expected to drop to -4 degrees at night, which could mean snow.

According to Environment Canada, there is indeed a chance of either rain showers or flurries that night across the region.

This could just be the beginning of a very snow-filled winter, says Accuweather.

That’s right, winter 2017-18 is set to be “snowy”.

According to Accuweather, the snow will be influenced by La Niña – or cooler water temperatures near the equator.

Bundle up, Brampton!

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