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Schedule Changes Affecting GO Kitchener Line in Brampton



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Schedule Changes Affecting GO Kitchener Line in Brampton

In order to accommodate demands of efficiency, a few changes are coming to assist GO Transit customers.

GO Transit announced the service changes today (Feb. 13), stemming from a situation last month in which chaos was created from the result of significant changes made to train stops and schedules on the Kitchener line.

To fix the situation, the new 4:32 p.m. (formerly 4:35) train will depart from platform 24, and will no longer serve stops beyond Bramalea GO Station.

The 4:50 p.m. express trip on the GO Kitchener line will also be reinstated. The trip will run its usual course between Union Station and Bramalea GO Station, making a full stop at Kitchener.

This trip will be 12 train coaches long, providing 2,000 seats.

Customers should also take note of accessibility at Bramalea GO Station. The 4:32 trip will arrive at an interim platform on the south side of the station. This temporary platform has no elevator, and customers are asked not to board this train should they need it.

All other train trips to Bramalea GO Station will arrive at the regular platform, with elevator access to the station building, north parking lot, and bus loop.

GO Transit is encouraging customers to give themselves some time to become familiar with the changes. Schedule changes can be inputted and found here.

Do the new changes make your late afternoon travels easier, Brampton?

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