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Report to Brampton Council Says the City is Well Managed and Ready for the Future



Report to Brampton Council Says the City is Well Managed and Ready for the Future

Good news from the Brampton City Council!

At a Committee of Council meeting held yesterday (May), KPMG presented the results of their service review completed for the City of Brampton.

KPMG is one of Canada’s top firms in delivering Audit, Tax, and Advisory services.

KPMG said: “The City of Brampton is a well-managed organization with strong financial practices. The City has continued to invest in itself so that it is prepared for future opportunities. Additionally, the City is a leader in several areas of service delivery.”

“We thank KPMG for the comprehensive report on City services and opportunities to keep taxes low which has been a focus of this Council term,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “We have a focus on delivering efficient services, and this external perspective affirms Brampton’s leadership in municipal service delivery. We are looking forward to exploring these new opportunities identified for innovation and savings.”

Findings also showed that Brampton performs as well or better than its peers in terms of property tax and staffing levels.

“Recreation program and facility costs per capita are the lowest of the comparator group. Similarly, planning and development expenses are significantly below the comparator average,” said KPMG.

Now, the City plans to conduct an in-depth review on KPMG’s recommendations around opportunities to capitalize on new technologies, service models, processes, and financing mechanisms that can help reshape the organization and continue to provide quality levels of service to the community.

“Brampton is a well-run city, staffed by high performing people with a passion for the city they serve,” Acting Chief Administrative Officer Joe Pittari. “Our teams are focused on delivering a rich customer experience and I am confident the noted opportunities point us on a prudent path forward in terms of delivering efficient and effective service excellence.”

There will be a follow-up report to the council in January 2020

To learn more about KPMG you can visit its website here.

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