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Rare and Disgusting Flower Set to Emit Rotting Flesh Smell in GTA



Rare and Disgusting Flower Set to Emit Rotting Flesh Smell in GTA

Do you like the smell of flowers?

You won’t like the smell of this one.

But even if you don’t like (or don’t think you’d like) the smell of rotting flesh, the rareness of this strange flower might prompt you to visit the Toronto Zoo to get a (maybe) once-in-a-lifetime whiff of the foul smelling plant.

According to the Toronto Zoo’s website, the rare Corpse Flower is about to bloom.

The zoo says it’s the smelliest, largest flower in the world.

The zoo has been taking to its Facebook page fairly frequently to provide #CorpseWatch updates.

According to its latest post, Pablo “Pe-ew”caso keeps growing.

“Despite the growth rate slowing down since the weekend, Pablo grew another 3/4 of an inch last night and now reaches 41 ¾ inches tall.”

The zoo says Pablo has been receiving visitors, including two flies who falsely believe Pablo will be tasty. 

The post says flies and other bugs are actually tricked into thinking the flower is food, which is how the plant spreads its pollen.

“As the smell starts to intensify, it will attract more of the pollinators. Although flies are on Pablo now, these aren’t the typical pollinators of the corpse flower, nor can humans smell the flower as of now. The fearful smell that only occurs during its bloom attracts carrion beetles in particular. Preserved beetles will be viewable during the bloom courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum,” the post reads. 

The Toronto Zoo is one of the few zoos with a corpse plant, and the first and only zoo in Canada to have one in its botanical collection.

Pablo weighs 23.4lbs.

According to the zoo, the heaviest corpse plant to bloom weighed over 300 lbs.

People who want a whiff of Pablo should keep an eye on the zoo’s social media accounts.

“Once we confirm when the plant is projected to start its 8-36 hour bloom, we will announce on this webpage and on social media details inviting the public to visit and experience this unique opportunity,” the zoo says. 

“We will be accommodating extended viewing hours during the bloom period. The corpse flower will be viewable in the Zoo’s Greenhouse which is accessible from the Tundra Zoomobile Station.”

The corpse flower exhibit is ticketed.

Cover photo courtesy of the Toronto Zoo’s official Facebook page

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