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Province urging school boards to postpone, not cancel proms and graduations



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Province urging school boards to postpone, not cancel proms and graduations

The Province is encouraging school boards not to cancel events celebrating students’ success.

Due to the pandemic, many school events, including graduations and proms, have been cancelled.

However, Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, is urging school boards to consider postponing the events, rather than cancelling them, to a time when it is safe to have them–such as the summer or fall.

“Students have worked incredibly hard this school year, and we know that the COVID-19 outbreak has forced some schools to cancel or delay important milestones to recognize student achievement, such as prom and graduation ceremonies,” Lecce said in a news release.

“Although we are making great efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario, it may still be some time before schools and boards are able to offer the kinds of ceremonies and traditions in the same way they have in previous years,” he continued.

After speaking with many students and their families, Lecce believes graduating students deserve to celebrate their accomplishments–even if it means doing so at a later-than-usual date.

“Students and parents deserve to celebrate many of these critical milestones—especially graduation ceremonies—and I expect boards to preserve these opportunities to proudly recognize the incredible success and achievement resulting from the hard work of our students,” he said.

“In some cases, this might mean facilitating graduation ceremonies and proms during the summer or fall when it is safe to do so,” he continued.

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