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Popular Nova Scotia Pizza Joint Opens First Location in Brampton


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Popular Nova Scotia Pizza Joint Opens First Location in Brampton

If you love pizza, you know that there can never be too many pizza joints in Brampton!

A brand new pizza place has opened up shop in Brampton at McMurchy and Queen just last week. It’s called Alexandra’s Pizza and this is its first location in Brampton. 

Currently, Alexandra’s Pizza operates 10 locations in Nova Scotia. The popular spot has been around since 1991. 

What’s on the menu? 

First, there are specialty pizzas like honey garlic and ginger chicken, chicken alfredo, donair, and classics like Hawaiian and meat lovers’. The best part is that the tomato sauce is made fresh, in-house daily. The crust is also made in-house. 

Poutines, panzerottis, wraps, nachos, and sandwiches are also available if you’re looking for some fast food or add-ons with your pizza. Alexandra’s also has some Mediterranean options like chicken souvlaki dinner and spanakopita. Some classic Halifax donairs are also on the menu. 

The prices are quite standard for a pizza joint — it’s around $13 for a small pizza for $22 for a large. 

Delivery is free for orders over $13, but if you haven’t been to this place yet, you might want to go in and check it out. According to owners, classical art reproductions decorate each of the restaurant’s locations. 

You can check out the menu in more detail here.

Alexandra’s Pizza
5 McMurchy Avenue North

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