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PICK A SIDE: Should modified Stage 2 be extended beyond initial four weeks?  



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PICK A SIDE: Should modified Stage 2 be extended beyond initial four weeks?  

It’s been nearly three weeks since the Province relegated certain regions in Ontario to Stage 2.

On October 10, Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa were reverted to a modified Stage 2 that prohibited restaurants from offering dine-in services, and forced gyms in the region to close completely.

This was originally planned for 28 days. However, nine days later, as the number of new COVID-19 cases continued to climb, York Region was added to the list of areas sent back to Stage 2.

The next week, Halton Region appeared to be the next area that would be joining the other four. However, in a surprise move from the Province they did not.

But, this doesn’t mean they won’t join them in the weeks to come.

With potentially more regions being rolled back to Stage 2, many are wondering if these restrictions will end after the scheduled 28 days, or if they will be extended further.

More people are questioning whether this should be the case.

Some are calling for restrictions to remain in place, and additional measures be added—similar to measures implemented in the spring.

Others disagree and are calling for the Province to allow entrepreneurs—including restaurateurs and gym owners, many of whom are struggling and don’t believe their businesses will survive a second wave, to once again open their doors.

Those in favour of allowing businesses to reopen are citing a series of charts recently released that indicated restaurants and gyms weren’t significantly contributing to the spread of the virus.

However, those opposed have pointed out these charts identifying the causes of the spread only applied to cases that had a known origin, which was a small portion of the total numbers.

So, CITY, what do you think? Should the Province extend the length of modified Stage 2 for these regions?

Should Stage 2 restrictions be extended

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