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PHOTOS: High Winds Destroy Unfinished Homes in Brampton



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PHOTOS: High Winds Destroy Unfinished Homes in Brampton

Well, if you were one of three unlucky prospective homeowners waiting for your house to be built, you might have a longer wait ahead of you.

According to a recent CP24 article, three under construction homes in Brampton were knocked over by heavy winds in the early hours of Wednesday (Jan. 11) morning.

At this point, it appears the homes will have to be re-constructed from scratch.

The homes were part of a townhouse development on Mississauga Road, just north of Sandalwood Parkway.

An official with the developer told CP24 that the roof completely blew off one of the homes, which subsequently collapsed. The roofs of the other two homes partially collapsed.

Fortunately, the homes can still be constructed and will likely be completed in the fall rather than the summer.

You can see images of the damage below, courtesy of Twitter user @Media371

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